Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions  of service:
PAYER LIABILITY For I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY This is to confirm that by completing the registration and selecting “I agree to the terms and conditions, I/we agree to pay for all services provided under our I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY payment terms (due on receipt). We understand that all such costs associated with these shipments are due upon receipt of the invoices detailing them.I/We confirm that it is our responsibility to ensure that all shippers using our accounts understand the procedures for authorized use of the I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY account number(s) and proper completion of the shipment process inclusive but not limited to the submission of a proper Commercial invoice.I/We understand that if the shipper does not use the correct account number and correctly complete the shipping process, this may result in our being charged at higher rates. We further understand that I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY cannot ensure that our shippers have used the correct  I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY  account number,  and we agree to pay all costs associated with shipments made on our behalf or made using our I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY account numbers(s).NB:     Credit terms are: Due on Receipt.  I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY is not responsible for items left in our possession beyond 30 days.  Storage fees are assessed daily commencing on day 15 in the amount of $2 per day. Often, you may receive a pre-shipment invoice which is an estimate of the total landing cost.  Your final invoice may differ based on additional charges incurred during shipping, customs, and brokerage.  All invoices are subject to change based on final landing charges.  I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY reserves the right to review, correct and resend an invoice to a client.  It is the client’s responsibility to click the live link to access the updated, final cost of the shipment.      This is a summary of our main terms and conditions. Our full terms and conditions are on display and available from I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY Service Centres.    About our Terms and Conditions:~   1  I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY's Contract with you: These terms and conditions, are all the terms of the contract between you, the sender of the shipment, and us, I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY. When you tender a shipment to us, you accept our terms for you, the sender and for anyone else who has an expressed interest in the shipment. Our terms and conditions also protect anyone whom we may contract to collect, transport or deliver your shipment. No employee of I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY or anyone else has any authority to change any of our terms or conditions or make any promises on our behalf. The terms and conditions of this sign up shall govern in the event of any inconsistencies that might exist in any other transportation documents accompanying your shipments.  2  What Shipment means: A shipment means all documents or parcels that travel under one air waybill, not just any single document or envelope included in a shipment. You certify that the shipment details are complete and accurate. You agree that all shipments may be carried by any means, including air, road, or any other carrier unless you give us specific instructions, in writing, to the contrary.  3  International Import Shipments: When your shipments arrive to our specified and designated warehouse address, you appoint I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY or any of its authorized employees or proxies as your agent to conduct Storing, consolidating, shipping, Customs entry and clearance. You certify I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY as your consignee for the purpose inclusive of but not limited to designating I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY as your Customs Broker to perform Customs entry and clearance.  ISHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER AND DELIVERY is an EXIM Importer/Exporter that ships under one air waybill consigned to a designated, authorized employee.  An EXIM Importer/Exporter can be an individual or company. Individuals can function as their own customs broker and file declarations exclusively on their own behalf. Companies can assign an authorized individual to exclusively import and export goods on the company’s behalf.I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY ships reserves the right to refuse the request of customs clearing, warehouse, airline sea freight or any information that may violate the privacy of other clients associated with a particular shipment..  4  Shipments we do not accept: We do not accept as a shipment anything that is considered a restricted article or hazardous material by the Department of Transportation (DOT), International Air Transport Association (IATA), or the Customs entry and clearance.  We do not accept any shipments that contain items that we cannot transport legally or safely, including, but not limited to:  Animals    Currency   Liquor     Plants Perishables    Precious Metals  Precious Stones   Negotiable Items in Bearer Form   For full information about shipments we cannot accept for shipping, please contact your nearest I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY Service Centre.  The terms and conditions applicable to I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY's Service are available from I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY Service Centres.5  Claims: If you wish to submit a claim for a lost (includes mis-delivered) or damaged shipment, the shipper must: * Submit the claim in writing. * Your claim must be received within 30 days. * Send or take your claim to your nearest I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY office.              Please note: We will not review a claim until all shipping and any other related charges owed have been paid to I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY.  We are not liable for:~  6  Delayed Shipments: We will make every effort to deliver your shipment according to our regular delivery schedules. I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY is not liable for any delays, even if they are not our fault in: * Picking up a shipment. * Transporting a shipment (including delays caused by diversions). * Delivering a shipment.  I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY reserves the right, without admitting liability, to refund transportation/shipping charges, but is not obligated to do so.   7  Circumstances Beyond Our Control: We are not liable if a shipment is lost (includes mis-delivered) or damaged because of circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances include: * An 'Act of God' for example an earthquake, cyclone, storm or flood. * 'Force Majeure' for example war, plane crash or embargo. * Any defect or characteristic to do with the nature of the shipment, even if known to us when we accepted it. * Any action or omission by anyone outside I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY, for example: - The sender of the shipment. - The receiver. - An interested third party. - Customs or government officials. - The postal service, another carrier or a third party who we cannot contract to deliver to destinations that we do not serve directly. - We are not liable even if the sender did not ask for or know about a third party delivery agreement. - We are also not liable for electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of, electronic or photographic images or recordings.  8  Consequential Damages: We are not liable for the following, whether they arise in contract or any other form of civil action, including negligence, and even if they are I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY's fault: * Consequential or special damages or loss. * Other indirect loss. * Breach of other contracts.  Consequential damages or loss include, but are not limited to lost: * Income * Profits * Interest * Markets * Use of contents            We are liable for:~  9  Extent of our liability: Our liability for a lost or damaged shipment is limited to the lowest of these 3 amounts: * US$100.00 or * The actual amount of the loss or damage or * The actual value of the document or parcel. This does not include any commercial utility of special value to the shipper or any other person.  10  What 'Actual Value' means: The lowest of the following amounts, determined as at the time and place we accepted the shipment: * Documents (meaning any shipment without commercial value). - The cost of replacing, re-constructing or re-constituting the documents. * Parcels (meaning any shipment with commercial value): - The cost of repairing or replacing the parcel, or - The resale of fair market value of the parcel - The actual value of a parcel cannot be more than the original cost to you plus 10%.  11  Warsaw Convention: If the transportation of a shipment involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Convention limits our liability for loss or damage to such shipment. You agree that your shipment may be carried via intermediate stopping places, which we deem appropriate.  12  Shipment Insurance: We recommend that you insure your shipment with I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY. We can arrange insurance for you up to 50% of the item value. Please note that our shipment insurance does not cover consequential damages or loss or damage caused by transporting or transportation delays. If you do not request Shipment Insurance in writing when submitting your invoices, you assume all risks of loss or damage. I/We have read, understand, and accept your conditions of trading and Standard Conditions of Carriage and agree on the following:~ 1 That they are fair and reasonable and that they shall apply to each contract for services of the above named company and I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY. 2 That notwithstanding any oral representative to the contrary the charges payable by me/us shall be calculated by  reference  to  I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY's  tariff  as  published from time to time unless otherwise agreed in writing by a duly authorized representative of I SHIP SWIFT EXPRESS COURIER & DELIVERY.